June Archer may have gotten his first exposure to the music scene behind the mic, but he has realized his dream by successfully impacting the industry behind the scenes.  June’s name first emerged on the music scene in 1995 as a member of the Elektra Records recording group ROOM SERVICE. The group achieved radio and video success with the singles “Ain’t Nothing Wrong,” and “Stay,” but it was the business that drove him. Shortly after the group disbanded in 2000, June reconnected with executives and mentors who he had met while in ROOM SERVICE and gained insight into the business of music. These experiences solidified June’s conviction that having an undeniable impact on the entertainment industry was his calling.

June also recognizes that the music industry is not just all about business, but developing new opportunities and being innovative is important as well. As creator of the New England’s #1 music and entertainment showcase “HOT CHOCOLATE SOUL“, June developed a platform for emerging artists in Music, Comedy & Poetry to develop their craft while entertaining the community. A platform of opportunity not afforded to him as an up and coming artist. Committed to giving back, he devotes a significant amount of time speaking with teens and young adults about music, but also about the importance of education. June is a staunch advocate in the fight against AIDS, as well as the race to find a cure for breast cancer. Each year, he produces the annual “JUNE ARCHER’S Celebration of Life” charity event, the proceeds of which benefit various organizations involved in these two worthy causes. The event also recognizes community champions in the areas of education, arts, sports and entertainment.

Most recently he has added the titles Author, Motivational Speaker and credit of Executive Producer to his name with the reality shows “The DocuTape” and “Behind The Unsigned”. Both shows debuted on Fuse.TV the summer of 2012.  His new book on Uptown Books / Augustus Publishing is titled “Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day” (The keys to success that lead to an amazing life).

With June’s combined musical talents, experience in the entertainment industry and commitment to community, he is reaching for the stars and encouraging others to join him. “No goal is ever out of reach,” June says. “Once you’ve realized your dream, that doesn’t mean you stop. It just means you dream bigger.”



Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to captivate and energize an audience?

June is a remarkable individual with a personal story that proves what happen when you are determined to be great. Maybe that’s why June was named one of the “100 Most Influential Blacks in the State of Connecticut!” by The NAACP. June has a gift for simplifying life’s challenges and providing real-world, easy-to-understand life lessons that can have a profound impact on each attendee’s journey. His speeches are filled with personal anecdotes as well as sensible ideas that are practical and actionable.

June Speaks On Topics Such As:

“Dreaming The Impossible”

“Education, Entrepreneurship & Entertainment”

The Importance Of Having A Mentor”

“Living A Full Life”


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